See pics from the new ‘Fright Night’

Dreamworks has released a few stills from their upcoming remake of the vampire cult hit “Fright Night” which opens this summer. Below we can see the new Jerry Dandridge (Colin Farrell show his fangs.

Collin Farrell in "Fright Night"

Collin Farrell in “Fright Night”

Anton Yelchin plays Charlie Brewster this time and Imogen Poots plays his love interest. The two can be seen below looking at a window. What are they seeing?

Looking out the window

Image from the new “Fright Night”

A great piece of casting is Christopher Mintz-Plasse stars as Charlie’s best buddy “Evil” Ed. If anyone could follow up Stephen Geoffreys’ “Evil” Ed from the original it would have to be McLovin himself, Mintz-Plasse.

The new "Evil Ed"

The new “Evil Ed”

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