17 10, 2016


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You have found a clue, Excellent you journey have just begun.

20 11, 2011

Zombie Boy – Rick Genest – aka Rico

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From Canada, Rico Zombie aka Rick Genest, Carnival sideshow performer / Freak.

30 05, 2011

First trailer to “Shark Night 3D”

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Not long ago, we here at FreshHorrorScifi.com brought you the first still from the upcoming summer movie, “Shark Night 3D”. We are now happy to present the first trailer to this thriller.

As you can see in the trailer below, a group of college students think they are about to enjoy a weekend up at […]

25 05, 2011

Become the next horror sci/fy fantasy girl

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FreshHorrorSciFi.com is looking for the next great horror hostess and it could be YOU!   Are you a video blogger with your own special look? Or perhaps you know such a person. Submit your profile to www.FreshHorrorSciFi.com today. An online voting contest will take place where the top twelve will be featured in our […]

20 05, 2011

Meet BANE!

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The highly anticipated third Batman movie has finally started filming.  Even though the movie is 14 months away, Warner Brothers has already begun the promotional campaign by releasing this photo of Tom Hardy who will be playing the new villain, BANE!

For those who do not know, Bane is one of Batman’s toughest opponents, who […]

9 05, 2011

The Final Destination 5 Trailer

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Horror movie franchises should stop putting the word “final” into their titles.  Does anyone remember the fourth Friday the 13th movie?  It was called “Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter”.  The very next year we got, “Friday the 13th Part 5: The New Beginning”.

The Final Destination franchise already had the word “final” in it, […]

19 04, 2011

First image from ‘Shark Night 3D’

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First he brought us the snakes now director David R. Elis wants t bring you sharks. “Shark Night 3D” opens this summer. Not many details are known about it except a group of people are terrorized by some fresh water sharks. There has not been a shark movie since “Deep Blue Sea” which opened […]

14 04, 2011

Josh Brolin is Agent K in ‘Men in Black 3’?

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A new photo has emerge of Will Smith filming “Men in Balck 3”, but it is not Tommy Lee Jones at his side playing Agent K. No, instead it is Academy Award Nominee Josh Brolin playing the role. Has Tommy Lee Jones been fired? Did he quit? Don’t worry, in the new movie Smith’s […]

11 04, 2011

The new Superman movie villian is…

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General Zod! Yes, the General will return in the Superman reboot scheduled to come out at the end of 2012, “Superman: Man of Steel”. Michael Shannon, who recently appeared in the HBO series, “Boardwalk Empire” and received an Oscar nomination two years ago for his role in “Revolutionary Road” has been cast in the […]

11 04, 2011

See pics from the new ‘Fright Night’

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Dreamworks has released a few stills from their upcoming remake of the vampire cult hit “Fright Night” which opens this summer. Below we can see the new Jerry Dandridge (Colin Farrell show his fangs.

Anton Yelchin plays Charlie Brewster this time and Imogen Poots plays his love interest. The two can be seen below looking […]