31 03, 2011

“Insidious” movie review

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Here is a good example if a movie is truly scary or not:  If, during the movie, a couple leaves because the woman in the couple is so scared that she wants to go and the man has no choice, but to follow her out, THAT is a very good sign you are watching […]

28 03, 2011

Amy Adams is the new Lois Lane!

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A big piece of the “Superman: the Man of Steel”, the Zack Snyder Superman reboot movie, puzzle was filled today when it was announced that Academy Award nominee, Amy Adams will be playing Lois Lane.  She will be joining a star-studded cast that already includes Henry Cavill who will be playing Clark Kent/Superman, Diane […]

27 03, 2011

Priest Movie Trailer

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27 03, 2011

Skyline Movie Review

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I saw Skyline last night on ON-DEMAND, that movie “Blew Chunks”.
I felt like my brain was sucked out of my head for 1 hour and 40 minutes. I respect the the fact that the Brothers Strause made this special effects movie on the cheap for about 20 million, kudos, but next time please spend […]

24 03, 2011

Check out Captain America!

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We got a quick tease during the Super Bowl, but the first official trailer to “Captain America: The First Avenger” has been unleashed upon us. The trailer focuses largely on Steve Rogers’ aka Captain America’s origin, we only get a brief glimpse of The Red Skull.  Chris Evans, who played The Human Torch in […]

21 03, 2011

Cameras finally begin to roll on “The Hobbit”

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After YEARS and YEARS of delays, filming has finally commenced on J.R.R. Tolkins, “The Hobbit” with Academy Award winning director Peter Jackson behind the camera once again.

Martin Freeman will be filling in as the title role, Bilbo Baggins.  Ian McKellen returns as Gandalf the Grey.  The projected budget, according to The-Numbers.com, is $270,000,000.  The […]

19 03, 2011

See the new Wonder Woman!

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NBC has released the first still from its upcoming “Wonder Woman” pilot produced by David E. Kelly.

As you can see Adrianne Palicki fills out the uniform quite nicely.  You will also notice it is not the exact same uniform Lynda Carter wore in the original TV show.  The most noticeable change is from the […]

19 03, 2011

PAUL Movie Review

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Remember E.T.?  Sure, you do..  Who could forget that loveable little alien?   With his beautiful glowing heart, who befriended a little boy while trying to “phone home”?
Well, Fuck him!
That was 1982.  This is 2011 and now movie audiences can meet Paul.  He is not your mommy and daddy’s E.T. because you will not […]